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Harlow is a gorgeous F1 Merle Tri Bernedoodle. She's the daughter of our beloved Cache and the foundation to our venture into Bernedoodles.
She lives with her Guardian Family, the DeBusks, and her big sister (also Cache's daughter!) Henley. They are best of friends and how awesome is it these sisters get to grow up together?!

Harlow loves her big sis, long naps, work trips with Dad, and lots of snuggles! She has had one litter of gorgeous F1b pups with amazing temperaments. We plan to have at least one more litter of F1b (size and stud undecided).

Harlow's traits: E/E, B/B, ky/ky, at/a, si/sp, M/m, F/IC, C/T
DNA: Clear
Size: 24'', 55 lbs

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