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Reservation List 

A $250 reservation fee is required to be added to our master wait list.

We usually have a variety of color in every litter but please know we can not guarantee color or sex.  Our number one priority is to produce healthy, happy, well adjusted puppies.  Please only make a deposit if you are flexible in your choice or willing to wait for what you want. 

While the lists can be long at times, please know (especially with our poodles) that quite a few are looking for something very specific or from certain parents.  They could be waiting on a litter further in the future.  We usually always have some availability in each litter. 

We will not hold your fee hostage!  If you are added and then something comes up or we don't have what you're looking for, your reservation fee will be refunded to you at your request.

The reservation fee becomes non-refundable once you choose an actual puppy.  At that time the puppy is reserved and other potential homes are turned away.  For this reason, if you cancel the transaction after you choose your puppy, you will forfeit your reservation fee. 

Once puppies are born you will be contacted and given 24 hours to make your choice.  If in 24 hours we haven't heard back from you, you will be skipped. If you are skipped, you can choose from any remaining puppies or you can remain on the list for the next available litter.  Click here for more info on when we start the puppy selection process. 

If within 3 litters you have not made a puppy selection your reservation fee will be returned to you.  You can then resubmit a request to be added if you choose. You will be added at the current rate and at the end of the current reservation list. 

We keep a separate list for each breed. If you are unsure between them we can place you on multiple lists. Once you make your pick your name will be removed from all of them. 

Important Info!

By placing a reservation with us you are not reserved a set pick (example: you're 3rd on the do not automatically get the 3rd pick).

From time to time we have previous buyers that would like to add to their family and they will get first picks from our litters. They have an established relationship with us and in most cases we consider them extended family.  We will not turn them away if we have a litter! 

Also, we as the breeders of the litters, sometimes want to: hold a puppy back to continue our lines, trade with another breeder to open our lines, or give to a friend or family member. 

So what does your reservation fee actually do then??

If you place a reservation with us, we will contact you (yes, in order received) when we have litters to see if you'd like to choose a puppy from what we have available.  We will do this before we make the litter available to the public. We receive hundreds of inquiries when a litter is born, so by placing your reservation in advance you will be notified and have the opportunity to choose a puppy BEFORE any of those are considered. 

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