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Doodle Generations

We sometimes get asked: “What is the percentage of poodle in these puppies?”  Well, the answer is, genetics really do not work on a straight percentage basis. Within the same litter, siblings can look a bit different or have a different coat type. 

Exact percentages in a Doodle are theoretical. There is no guarantee that any generation will be an exact mix of 50/50 (except f1s!),  75/25, or any other combination but it gives you a round about good estimation. 

We will always have the parent's coat tested so that we know what to expect from each litter.  While we may not be able to tell you every thing (coat wise) about an individual puppy, we will be able to tell you the possibilities. 

The generation explanations below will give you a example of what to possibly expect so that you know how to narrow down what could be a good fit for you family. 

F1 =  Poodle x Purebred

This first generation is a half and half mix of the parent breeds. This is the only generation we can tell you is 50% poodle and 50% the other parent breed. 

Light shedding can be common and coats within the same litter can vary greatly.  Though if they shed it is usually much less than that of the other parent breed (if a shedding breed). Their coat might be straight, wavy, or loose curls. Tight curls are not common. These are not recommended for those with allergies. They have the best "shaggy" look and are much lower maintenance when it comes to grooming. Some do not need anything other than a bath, while others might need a full brush and groom. 

F1b = F1 Doodle x Poodle

The F1b gives the best likelihood of minimal to no shedding while still retaining more of the looks and personality traits of the other parent breed. You can still get varying coat types: wavy, loose, or tight curls but all should have full furnishings (beards) giving you that "teddy bear" look.  These are recommended  for those with moderate allergies. They are more maintenance and will require shorter time between grooms and routine brushing. 

F1bb = F1b Doodle x Poodle

The F1BB generation will give you the most "poodle" doodle.  There can be some coat variation within a litter but expect a non-shedding wavy to curly coat.  A lot of them will have the tight curly poodle coat. They are recommended for families with allergy concerns. (Please consider a poodle if you have severe allergies!)  They will need to be kept in a short cut or brushed daily. 

Doodle Generation Chart
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