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About Us 

We are a small breeder of Standard Poodles and Doodles, located in central Arkansas.


Happy, healthy puppies is our greatest goal and we work hard to ensure your puppy comes to you well socialized and loving life! We have three small children,   so all of our puppies get a happy helping of life with kids.  They are raised in our home and get plenty of outside play as well (weather permitting).  We always ensure one on one time with each puppy so they get plenty of attention and love! All of our puppies are guaranteed at least one year for any genetic defects and we will be with you throughout the life of your puppy, should you so choose.  We love to help new owners and see the pups grow! If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to message us!!



The backbone of our program.  If you're messaging us you're more than likely talking to her. 

She is our midwife, helping each of our girls whelp safely.  Spending many sleepless nights making sure the puppies make it through their first stage of life.

She is our groomer.  All of our dogs and puppies get groomed regularly! It's a very important aspect of life for these breeds!

She's our brains.  Jessica has a love of knowledge when it comes to dogs.  She is always studying the most current research and developments in canine genetics.  She's especially a pro at color and coat genetics and developed The Savvy Breeder, which offers classes and support for fellow breeders. 

There's many more titles we could give her: mom, wife, cook, trainer, maid,.....pooper scooper! So please be patient with her! She tries to always respond promptly but she is a busy gal for sure! 


Tyler is our support system and our muscle.  He takes on whatever is needed in the moment whether that means cleaning the puppy areas, doing puppy laundry, or just staying up to give some extra emotional support to Jessica and our momma dogs.

He builds our whelping boxes, pens, and whatever else Jessica comes up with. 

He's the main trainer of our adult dogs and he also helps out with puppy training as well. 

He might be more in the background but we definitely couldn't function without him! 

The Kids

If you ever join our Copperhead Family and get one of our puppies you will more than likely meet our children.  They love to show off our puppies and dogs and tell people all about them.  They put in a lot of work themselves by playing with the puppies.  From loving on them to reading them their nightly bed time story, the kids are committed to doing their part and take it very seriously!

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