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(These puppies are not born. Placement will be once puppy is selected and old enough to join their new home.)

Guardian Homes

From time to time we have an opening for a guardian home.  What is a guardian home you ask? It's a mutually beneficial agreement between us, Copperhead Puppies, and a local family.  The family gets to have an awesome pup (our personal pick of the litter!) for no fee and we retain ownership and breeding rights.  The puppy is a member of your family! They will just come back to us for whelping (which you're more than welcome to be a complete part of!).

Families must be local to us (central Arkansas) and we will be VERY picky in the application process!  

For information and requirements of guardians:

Guardian Home Openings

1. Female Poodle (40 lbs) available winter 2023

2. Female F1 Cockapoo (20-30 lbs) available mid 2024


''Life as a guardian home to Gracie has been, in one simple word, amazing!  We first meet Jessica and Tyler Yazza when we got our labradoodle, Bella Eloise, in 2018.  During this time, we were able to see firsthand how much love, time and effort they put into caring for the puppies as well as their own girls and boys.  So, when we were asked if we wanted to be a guardian home, it was a very easy decision to make. 

Gracie joined our family at 8 weeks old and she really is our girl.  We have loved her, cared for her, played with her; all the things you would normally do with a puppy.  The only thing different is before we do anything major with Gracie, we talk with Jessica about it first.  Some of those things include what food to feed Gracie, discuss Gracie’s health and weight so we can decide together what is best for her, keep Jessica informed of all of Gracie’s vet appointments, and send monthly pictures.

Gracie, who we call Gracie Annalise, is such an amazing girl.  She gets so excited when we use her full name, which we call in an excited and playful way because she knows that it is our way of getting her undivided attention for belly rubs, cuddles, treats, etc. and that is how we have trained her and her sister, Bella.  We do not believe in using the full name in a negative way.  She is smart, playful, very loving, and absolutely adores her big sister, Bella Eloise.  Gracie is Bella’s shadow - where you find one, you will find the other.  We have trained her with all the basic commands, and we are now working with her on eventually becoming a therapy animal with her sister with Pet Partners.         

In short, if you have ever raised a pup from 8-weeks, you already know and understand the amount of time, love, effort, and cost you will have.  We knew and agreed to care for Gracie as our own and treat her no different from Bella.  I think to be a guardian home, you must trust and believe in the breeder just as much as the breeder trusts and believes in you.   Overall, we have simply loved the arrangement that we have with Copperhead.  Being a guardian home is not for everyone, but we are simply honored and thankful that Jessica and Tyler feel that we are a good quality home for Gracie.''

-Nikki Smith

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