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Guardian Homes

What is a Guardian Home?

A Guardian Home is a family that houses and raises one of our puppies as their own. They enter into a formal and legal agreement with Copperhead Puppies that is beneficial for all parties.

1. The GUARDIAN gets to have an awesome pup (my personal pick of the litter!) for no fee as well as awards for training and a portion of any profits from the litter they produce.

2. WE get to maintain ownership and breeding rights.

3. The PUPPY gets the one on one attention they deserve while also having the same home for the entirety of their life. This enables us to grow and maintain our breeding program without becoming an actual “kennel” where dogs are not family pets but more so “breeding stock”. That’s the last thing we would want for our dogs and their happiness is of the utmost importance to us.


What is required of a Guardian Home?

1. You must live within 3 hours of Cabot, AR.

2. You must have a fenced in yard.

3. You can not have any intact dogs of the opposite sex.

4. You must train and socialize the dog. Professional training is not required but encouraged. In the event you pass the Canine Good Citizen test, you will be awarded $100 and any further title $100 each.

5. You must keep the dog groomed and free of parasites. You are free to choose any cut you’d like as long as it is maintained regularly.

6. You must only feed food approved of by us.

7. You must consistently (at least monthly) check in with us to let us know how everything is. This includes providing updated pictures. 

8. You must inform us immediately upon any heat cycle. This allows us to keep track and plan accordingly.

9. You must inform us immediately of any health concerns or injuries. We need to be added as an owner with whichever veterinarian you choose. You must provide documentation of any vet visit for our records.

10.You will provide all maintenance care to include monthly heartworm preventative (or yearly shot), vaccines, and general vet care.


What we provide?

1. We will cover any breeding expenses, which include any health testing related to breeding.  2. We will provide a portion of the profits, from any litter produced, to the guardian as reimbursement for their expenses and care.

3. We will board the dog during vacations and heat cycles (if you choose).

4. We will sign over ownership and registration after the dog has been retired from our program (minimum 3 litters for females, pending the health of the dog).


Please know this is a legally binding agreement. If you feel like you wouldn’t be able to part from your pet for the 8 weeks required to whelp and raise a litter, we have puppies that are available for full purchase throughout the year and that might be a better choice for you. If you feel like this is a program you’d like to be a part of, please know that you will be considered extended family to us! You will be more than welcome to visit the guardian dog whenever she is at our home. We try to make it as easy of a process as possible! This puppy will essentially be yours to love and care for and their overall health and happiness will always be the most important part of this agreement.

Guardian Home Openings

1. Female Moyen Sized Poodle

2. Female Cocker Spaniel

3. Male Cocker Spaniel

If you are interested in being a guardian for one of please message us for more information!


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