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Do you ship your puppies?

No, unfortunately, we do not ship our puppies.  We care about each and everyone of them as if they were our own.  We do not want to expose them to other under vaccinated puppies, communicable diseases, fleas, or any other parasites.  We will however meet you in person at our state line (Arkansas).  We will also meet you or a flight nanny (set up and paid for by you) curbside at our nearest airport (Little Rock National). ***An additional fee of $140 will be added to the purchase price of any puppy needing a health certificate to travel. 

Do you health test your dogs? 

Yes! All of our dogs will have a full genetic health panel ran before breeding will ever occur.  While it's important our dogs are fit and healthy in a physical exam it's also very important to know what they are passing on to their pups that can't be seen with the eye. We want to ensure every match we make will produce happy and healthy pets for our families. Copies of these test results are always available to future and current puppy owners and many of the DNA and orthopedic testing results are on each dog's page.  

Can I come see the puppies?

If you are local you are always welcome to come see the puppies and the parents.  Certain precautions must be made and a time frame needs to be established.  The details of this can be discussed directly.  Please text or message us.  

Do you have a waitlist?

Yes! In order of us to know the demand for each litter we open a waitlist when breeding.  This way we know how many families are looking to add a pup.  We do not want to breed just to breed.  We want to know these babies have families and homes waiting on them. You can find more information about the waitlist here

Can I see the parent's pedigrees?

Of course! Due to people stealing pedigrees we will only send these upon request.  Just message us for more info. 

How are the puppies raised?

Please go to our How We Raise Puppies page to learn more about what we do with our puppies!

Are the puppies potty trained?

It's very unrealistic to expect a small puppy to be fully housebroke.  So please do not go into pet ownership thinking this is possible.  That being said, we do start the puppies out with litter boxes that help with the potty training transition.

When can my puppy come home?

Puppies will leave us no earlier than 8 weeks.  Please do not ask us to get your puppy at 6 weeks.  Even though the puppies might be weaned they need socialization with their litter mates and mother. The vaccines need time to develop in their system as well. 

What is included with my puppy?

Click here to find more info on what all comes with your puppy. 

When do you start the puppy selection process once a litter is born? 

Click here for more info on our selection process. 

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