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Below are some products we personally use or have been recommended by our Copperhead families.  


We feed 4Health to our puppies and dogs.  This is available at Tractor Supply in a variety of formulas. 


This is what your puppy will be used to eating when it comes home to you.  


This is what we feed our adults.  There are many more recipes available: chicken, salmon, beef, etc. 

Crates, Pens, and Beds: 

36" size crate 

42" size crate 

Our dogs LOVE these kinds of beds! All our litters grow up with one and seem to take to them as well!

We recommend attaching an exercise pen to your pup's kennel when they first come home to you. Especially if you'll be leaving them for the work day.


These are great to stimulate crate time and fight boredom. There are so many options for filling them!


This is the longest lasting natural chew we've found! Plus it doesn't stink like many natural chews.

It's always easier to train when there's a treat involved!


Longest lasting smell! There's a few different scents and formulas available.  Make sure to get a 2 in 1 or shampoo and creme rinse. 

A bit higher end shampoo!

It's a good idea to use a detangler to make brushing easier and protect their coat. 

Slicker brushes help keep coats from matting. 

Combs will help you brush to the skin and find any mats. 

These are higher end brushes that are great for thick doodle coats or poodles if you choose to keep them in longer cuts. 

Best way to keep nails short!

Keep ears clean to avoid ear infections!

Use this if ears are becoming a bother before it escalates to a full blown infection!

Keep teeth clean!

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