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Breeder Inquiry 

Please fill out this form to request more info about one of our puppies. Fill out each field entirely (ex: address field- include house number, street, and city). 

This form is for breeders only.  If you are interested in a pet only, please fill out the "Pet Inquiry" form . 

Which breed are you interested in? Click all that apply.
How did you hear about us?

Important to Know!

1. We do not ship our puppies.  We will meet you or a flight nanny (that you schedule and pay for) at our local airport (Little Rock National Airport) or we will meet you close to our state line (Arkansas) if you choose to drive to us.
2. We sell puppies with breeding rights as "breeding prospects". 

We DO NOT guarantee 8 week old puppies will be able to be bred in the future or that they will meet all the requirements of your program.

While we do administer health testing to parents, there is no guarantee those tests will always clear their offspring for breeding. All of the testing for our parent dogs is available on their individual pages on this site.

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