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Pet Inquiry 

Please fill out this form to request more info about one of our puppies. Fill out each field entirely (ex: address field- include house number, street, and city). 

This form is for pet owners only.  If you are interested in breeding rights please fill out the "Breeder Inquiry" form. 

Which breed are you interested in? Click all that apply.
How did your hear about us?

Important Info:

1. When purchasing one of our puppies as a pet you do not have breeding rights.  The puppy will need to be spayed or neutered when it is the appropriate age.  If you are considering breeding rights, please let us know and we can discuss further.

2. We do not set up shipping for our puppies.  We will meet you if you decide to drive to us (usually as far as near our state border (Arkansas)) or we meet you at our local airport (Little Rock National Airport) if you would like to fly to us or set up a flight nanny at your own cost.

3. We accept Venmo, CashApp, or PayPal for holding fees. 

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